A play off Masato Nakamura's very own compilation tribute to @sonic_hedgehog@twitter.com, it's called "Game Result (kz covered)" from @kz_lt@twitter.com, and we're playing it for you LiVE on !

We're closing out @TheGreenViper8@twitter.com's birthday tonight on the radio! It's a very special LiVE at radiose.ga/listen!

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

Getting rid of watchlists from video streaming services was the best decision I made on them.

Sure not having them is gonna make it take a bit longer to find something to watch but having a list of "things to watch" was making it feel like a chore. Instead of watching just for enjoyment I felt like I was watching just to check an item off of a list and then move onto the next one.

Episode 4 is now beginning to roll out to all good podcasting services!

Thanks again to everyone who tuned in tonight, it's great to be back into the swing of things and to have something to distract me while I feel so bleh.

See you next week for another round!

Viper's VGMture returns tonight! I'm feeling rough, so it'd be easier to do a variety show and move Lucky to a later date. As always, let me know what you wanna hear and I'll be sure to get it on the show.

Join me @ 10pm UK for the finest in VGM over at kngi.org!

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