Uh oh someone didn't get the message to change the lyrics for the PG version 😬

Anyways, let's hope within a few weeks/months we see some crazy homebrew and emulators on PS5. This thing better have PS3 emulators booting for extreme lols just to prove Sony that you can do it.


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Xbox has a lot of issues, and ultimately that's why I was with PS5 this gen (for non-PC stuff) as I preferred the nicer experience, but with everyone needing to watch their pennies this winter, it's absolutely bottled it for me. I'll take a slightly inferior user experience.

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I've been playing a bunch of stuff on it recently, and genuinely just through a few game purchases I think I've saved over £100 VS buying on PS.

In a time where everyone is struggling to pay bills. Why do Sony still refuse to take this as a serious threat?

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Meanwhile I decided to give Xbox another go as my "main" console. You can get a month of Game Pass regularly for £1 both from MS and using codes.

Lots of games thanks to exchange rates are hugely discounted elsewhere and MS have no problems with you using such loopholes.

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Financially, times are shit here. Yet Sony have introduced a significantly worse answer to Game Pass for an eye-watering charge and have put the hardware price up to rub salt in, plus now want you to rebuy the same games you bought 3 years ago with minor differences for £70?

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I maintain that I really like the hardware, but everything outside of that has been a masterclass in flexing an overinflated ego. Shit emulation, offensive Game Pass competitor and an overall lack of consumer respect.

Let the hackers free this great hardware from foolish Sony.

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Tbh with the recent Horizon news proving they've lost their marbles (and the few exclusives I care about coming to PC), I really wish I'd kept my PS5 on a low enough firmware to mess with hacks lmao.

PS4 had some really fun stuff, very interested to see what else is coming.

People can say nice things all they want, but it'll be followed up immediately by someone who would rather see my head on a spike, that's just how it goes. That's the life I've setup for myself.

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Over the last 2 years, I've just learned that more people would be happy to see me go than would want me here, it's just something I have to come to terms with. I can't shrug it off, everytime someone says something nice it's usually followed up by a brutal dressingdown.

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Logging off and wiping my hands of everything gets so much more tempting by the day. I have no clue why I choose to put up with any of this.

It's been years since I've had one, but pretty sure today it's not my awful hayfever messing up, and this is actually jusy a developing cold. My already limited energy, sapped!

Getting soaked in the freezing cold earlier really didn't help. Every bit of this sucks, ugh.

It's been nice to be back home for a few weeks and stressful in other ways. Glad to finally be on the train back to Lincs though, will be nice to return to the new home. 🙂

And hey, if you wanna watch the race in action with some snazzy music over it...


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Here's my score for the challenge of the week. Nothing massively groundbreaking, but still happy with it regardless.

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