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Local Tesco has put on the sombre music selection today, and its so fluttery and muffled that I'm genuinely convinced they've switched on the old background music cartridge tape system in 2022.

Found interesting from a tech nerd perspective haha

I can't say I'm really sad at all, because I'm not. But fucking hell give it a rest with the shit jokes for 5 minutes. There's a lot of people who are entitled to feel elated, but 90% of the people I see on the TL are people have never been affected by this at all.

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Americans need to wind their neck in tbh. People are entitled to be joyful honestly, but if you've never been affected by decisions made by their rule its just vultures flocking to shit easy jokes.

Gonna be an interesting couple days here for sure

Today's the first day in about 4 months that I've not had sat within arm's reach.

I'm still not really sure how I'm meant to feel, or when it'll hit me like a truck.

All I can do is hang in there and wait with baited breath until I'm feeling better and can be back again.

I'll be streaming some scrub gameplay in a few moments time to prepare for this week's special episodes of and !

Come and join the fun when it's underway over @

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