The Chill Autumn Mix is now available on the KNGI website and is coming to a podcasting service near you momuntarily!

Thank you for listening as always, and I'll catch you next week.

And we're LIVE! Join us for a wide range of music supplemented with some chatter on tonight's timely edition of !


And we're LIVE discussing ! Come and join the fun and antics as we cover one of the most hyped games of the year so far.


We're now LIVE! Come and join us as we discuss the recently released while playing a fine selection of both superb OSTs!


And we're live! We're gonna have a Smashing time discussing our Backlog progression for the month of June 2022, so why not join us on our journey?

Listen in:

We're finally talking about while playing you but a handful of the tracks from the SLAMMIN' OST.

Come join us over @ and chat at

And we're live! It's much ado about nothing tonight, so let's start with a game that was a whole lot of nothing. How about... Disney Universe?

And we're LIVE! Let's visit the Battle Tower for a quick duel, followed by some music from VR hit ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission!


Thanks to the tech problem taboo, there'll be no new episode of tonight.

Instead, join us for a replay of a special episode of courtesy of! "The Foolish Non-SEGA Mix" influenced the creation of our VGMture, so let's revisit it tonight!

You've heard them both compete in , now comes time for the final result... Jake Kaufman or Tim Follin? 🤔 Let your voice be heard and may the best man win!

As you for all, catch you next week with some Backlog clearing (providing all goes well)!

Episode 8 is now rolling out to all good podcasting services!

Thanks all as always for the great time tonight. I'll catch you all next week when I take on the behemoth task of running down my May 2022 gaming backlog! See you then.

We're LIVE! We're getting real varied on the variety episode tonight. First of all, how about some Picross x Vocaloid? How about immediately following that up with some JRPG goodness?

Episode 7 is now rolling out to all the usual podcasting platforms! Thanks as always for joining me on this fun episode (even despite the technical mishap on the live version). Join me next week as we set course for VGM variety once more.

Episode 6 is now rolling out all good podcasting services. Thanks again all, see you next week but be sure to enjoy the podcast before then to discover many a great gaming OST!

And we're done, thanks for joining me all! Come back next week for the long delayed episode with some new insight into the game. For now though, let's leave you with some !

We're LIVE with today's episode. Join us as we take a deep dive into our collective gaming backlogs!

Tune in:

Episode 5 is rolling out now to the usual podcasting services. Thanks once again for another great episode, and I'll catch you next time as I take a dive into my backlog!

For now though, have a good week and enjoy some Switch Sports when you can!

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